Brighter tomorrows!

Dear Friends,Greetings on another renewal Sunday. Go out early today and

really appreciate the gifts of Nature combined with gentle movement.
Then settle back home to enjoy the rest of the day in quiet meditation
to prepare for the week ahead and whatever surprises it brings you.
I have always enjoyed having a daily routine and being able to
follow it.  When our children were still in the house, strict routines
became somewhat impractical because the demands of young
children are so unpredictable and peace in our household was of
utmost importance to me.   We have managed to raise happy,
adjusted individuals and I am amazed and proud to witness the
way they are handling their respective responsibilities now that
they are physically far away from us.
I have recently begun to take guitar lessons.  It is something that
I had started half-heartedly more than ten years ago but the demands
of family life took precedence over this new hobby and I stopped soon
after.  I now have a marvelous teacher who guides me with a mix of
instruction and entertainment.  I am diligent about practicing each day
because I look forward to the day when I can play the tunes I enjoy;
maybe even try my hand at composing.  I know that it will take some
time and I hold myself responsible for my success in this new
I became an efficiency aficionado as a young child because we had
two working parents and lots of chores which required good time
management so I could pursue my hobbies without guilt or reprimands.
As I got older, I became accustomed to taking on other people’s
tasks because I continued to value ‘peace’ around me.  In the last few
years, however, I have forced myself to contemplate on the things for
which I am truly responsible.  My guitar lessons have helped me to
understand that my tomorrows will be brighter and filled with music
because of the responsibility (to myself) I feel to practice today.  I
strive to meet this responsibility daily so I can sleep at night with a
sense of fulfillment.  Our tomorrows can be brighter because of
something we do today for ourselves. Try it, I think you will agree.
Have a great day and a terrific week, Marietta

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