Good Deeds Day

Dear Friends,
It is almost the middle of March and as I take in the warmth of the morning
sun, I am grateful for all the blessings in my life: my health, my family, 
my friends, my pets and my perennial notion that my best days are still 
ahead of me.    I invite you to reflect on the positive things in your life 
as you take that morning walk in preparation for the day’s activities. You
might be surprised at the direction your day takes when you take a few 
minutes to appreciate your life. 
Today is International Good Deeds Day (
I was not aware of the existence of this day which has been celebrated 
since 2007, until I was invited to attend an activity held at one of our
local businesses last Friday.  The company had scheduled a motivational
lecture on Entrepreneurship to be given to approximately 35 public high
school students from the county of Grecia.
The informative and upbeat lecture and session for questions were in English.  
I was impressed with the material chosen by the speaker (one of the owners of
the business) and the proficiency in English of the students.  It was a generous
action on the part of the company to devote an entire morning of an executive’s
time for a lecture and tour to this group.   I have paid to attend corporate events
that have not been as valuable or inspiring as Friday was.   I am certain that
this ‘good deed’ will remain a highlight in the minds and lives of these young
students and that many of them will integrate the concepts they heard in their
future endeavors.  
I had my guitar lesson yesterday afternoon.  The daily practice sessions that I 
engage in are definitely paying off and I am pleased with my progress, in no 
small part because my teacher appreciates my efforts.  I know that there are no
shortcuts; that the more patient I am with myself, the faster my progress will 
be.  I am having fun and I credit that for my desire to continue to advance by
practicing regularly.  This musical journey is opening a portal to a world I am
eager to be a part of.  It is my good deed to me and it feels good to self-nurture.
Have a great day and a wonderful week, Marietta


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