An unexpected surprise

ImageDear Friends,
Greetings on a beautiful, sunny day here in Atenas! The carefree trilling 
of the birds around me energized me out of bed this morning.  I have
become aware of the difference in the ‘tune’ they are singing as we begin
the transition to the rainy season.  I invite us all to get out there and 
stretch while we take a lovely walk and really appreciate the wonder and
goodness of Nature.  The day will get off to a great start with no regrets.
Before I begin writing each Sunday (or any other day, actually), I often
scan my previous essays or read other inspirational literature to put myself
in the right frame of mind to deliver the kind of message I intend to 
give my readers.  Writing or delivering uplifting and amusing material is my
passion.  The ‘celebrities’ I have followed since childhood chose to make a
career out of making people laugh.  
It has been my experience that making people laugh is a serious challenge.
The world is full of individuals who believe (or pretend to believe) that it
is attractive and mysterious to be nasty and spread gloom everywhere they
go.  I occasionally wrestle the savage beast that would have me imitate this
much easier path.  A short drive around town focuses my attention on the
deplorable state of our roads, providing plenty of material for an angry
essay.  I am happy, however, that my habit of seeing the bright side makes
me instead compose a humorous article that fellow residents can enjoy!
I just reviewed my essay of this time last year.  It was just weeks after I 
had fractured my humerus.  My progress was slow and I felt overwhelmed
by the position of dependence I was placed in.  I was forced to rest and
ponder my life and I realized how quickly accidents can change one’s days.
I am nearly 100 percent recovered.  This new year has brought me the
unexpected surprise of almost eliminating the negative voices in my past
that assured me that my elevated opinion of the importance of fun was 
unsound.  I am filled with compassion for those whose lives preclude glee,
and more than grateful that my own freely encourages and permits it.
Have a wonderful day and a fun filled week, Marietta

One thought on “An unexpected surprise

  1. Fabulous! I love that you emphasize the positive…joy and laughter. Great stuff! We all have a choice every day – we can choose to focus on the good that surrounds us or the ugly. Thanks for choosing the good and setting an example! Love the photo, too!!

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