Another Great Sunday to Live Well!

Dear Friends

As I awakened this morning, I became aware of the sun’s strong rays filtering through
my bedroom blinds.  I was instantly reminded that I have a brand new day ahead of
me; another chance to live a good one.  I hope wherever you find yourself today, you
will join me in making it true for you as well.  Benefit fully this morning by moving
your body while you relax your mind. Later, daydream and plan what you would like
to accomplish during the coming week.

I don’t know about you, but my weeks begin and end much too quickly.  Last week
was a busy but wonderful one.  On Friday, I did my morning routine and got out of
the house rapidly so I could finish my errands and then call on my favorite vendor
at the Farmer’s Market:  don Juan with the herbs and medicinal plants.  It was a
delightful visit for both of us since we hadn’t seen each other in months.  I actually
took out paper and pen to write out the different ‘recipes’ that could be made from
the variety of plants I purchased.  I always leave don Juan’s stand with renewed
optimism and commitment to my garden.  Yesterday morning, with the help of our
gardener, my plants found their new home and will undoubtedly thrive during the
rainy season.

The past several months have found me embarking on a variety of projects which
might explain why time seems to be flying this year.  It is easy to lose track of the
hours when I am immersed in the details of ideas that take hold of my mind.  The
splendor of our landscape never fails to surprise me when I emerge from my office
at different times during the day.  I am always grateful that I can contemplate such
beautiful surroundings at will and adding a flower or two can only enhance the

Just a few days ago, I listened to music that made me sing and dance and forget all
about my ‘adult’ responsibilities for a little while.  I enjoy songs that remind me that
fun is a natural ingredient that should not be in short supply in our life, regardless
of our age.  We need to remember to be like children whose natural ability to have
fun requires nothing more than to be in the moment, always.

Have a wonderful day and a terrific and fun-filled week,




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