Water Resources

Dear Friends,
It is a beautiful, dreamed-of morning where I am.  As I enjoy my first cup|
of Atenas (of course!) coffee, I am thinking about the most important 
activity that concerns Costa Ricans today, voting for the person who will|
lead our country for the next four years. I will head to the polls early to carry
out this responsibility and spend the rest of the day as I wish.  Get out early, 
stretch, meditate and be grateful for another day you can live in peace.
In the last decade, Atenas has experienced steady water scarcity.  It appears
that involuntary water rationing is a permanent condition of living here. 
The problem has become quite alarming and our clinics are overwhelmed
with people who are ill as a result of poor hygiene and lack of potable water.
The many committees and organized community groups that I have been part
of for at least ten years, have been unsuccessful in securing a lasting solution
to improve the distribution of this vital resource to the thousands of inhabitants
who require it.
Last Friday evening, I attended the extraordinary Municipal Council session
that sought to inform residents about the status of an important project to bring
us water.  The project has been paralyzed for months as petitions for injunctions
are analyzed in court.  I was amazed to witness how few (maybe 40) people
affected by the scarcity actually showed up.  I know that thousands live with
the distressing condition every single day.
Honest communication is vital and appears to have been lacking throughout
this process as the different parties focus on their individual agendas without
any concern about the long-term implications of delaying the project
indefinitely.  I am an optimist by nature.  I am also a realist.  I have lived long
enough to know that non-participation is still participation.  It is my sincere
belief that all people will one day realize that their one vote and their presence
really can make a difference in their own lives.
Have a great day and a wonderful, productive week, Marietta

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