Dear Friends,
Photo on 4-9-14 at 9.18 AM #4
I woke up on this gorgeous morning and became aware of the serenity
all around me.  I listened intently but the birds were silent and the harsh
winds of the last few days were absent.  I closed my eyes in gratitude for
another sunrise in my life.  Let’s get out there early and make the best of
this wonderful day and really experience Nature and her gifts.
A glance at my modest collection of books and magazines will reveal my
weakness for cooking and gardening.  Although I consider myself a
good cook, my gardening skills are so deficient I am constantly surprised
when I manage to successfully transplant an African Violet or coax a new
one from a leaf. It takes patience and nurturing, personality traits which I
seem to have had in more abundance when I was younger!
Formal gardens have always fascinated me.  I remember the first time I
visited the Conservatory Garden in New York City’s Central Park.  I was
amazed by the skillful design which invites the visitor to walk, meditate
or just take in the seasonal features, like the tulips in spring which I hope
to see when I visit New York later this month.  It is not surprising that
these gardens provide a charming setting for newlyweds each June.
Wikipedia image
Wikipedia image
As I devote more time and effort to ‘formalizing’ my tiny garden, I focus
my attention on seeds.  Seeds have always been symbols of transformation
for me, as they are for most people.  I have witnessed how a small mango
seed became a giant tree in just a few years.  It is truly amazing that all
the data necessary to guide the seed to tree was in place before the seed
was planted.  All it needed was the right soil, enough water and some
time.  I believe each of us has the seed of inspiration to create a good life
for ourselves and those around us.
Have a wonderful Sunday and a terrific week, Marietta


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