Silence in the Spaces

IMG_1681Greetings friends,
Today is a day of joyous celebration for me.  Not only is it
Easter Sunday, a day of rebirth and renewal, it is also my
Mother’s 85th birthday!  After writing these few words to you,
I will head to my parents home for a family lunch and birthday
cake!  I invite you all to inhale deeply, breathing in gratitude as
you take your early morning walk and stretch your magnificent
I was recently on my own at a meeting about an hour away from
home.  On my return, I decided to drive in silence so that I could
ruminate on the various topics that were discussed at this important
gathering.  At first, I felt strangely aware that something was missing.
I decided to ignored the temptation to turn on the cd/radio and soon
adjusted to the usual sounds produced by my pick-up truck. 
After a while, I began to notice that instead of thinking about the 
meeting, my brain was actually processing all sorts of new data from 
the outside world.  I found myself startled by the sudden loud noise
produced by dozens of motorcycles beside me.  I had to brake sharply
when a colorful roadside fruit stand enticed the driver in front of me to
make an unanticipated and abrupt stop to buy watermelon! I was glad
when we reached the access road to the monotonous highway that 
would take me all the way home.  
Once on the highway, it was delightful to know that I would have the 
luxury of unbroken time to devote to my original goal when I turned 
the radio off!  The different issues brought up at the meeting came to 
mind and I was able to focus on each point while maneuvering my car
safely and comfortably.  I hardly noticed the many electric towers 
or giant billboards as I became engrossed in the silence of the space
around me which allowed me to think clearly.  I felt serene and relaxed
when I arrived home to my husband and pets.  It had been a good day.
Sometimes monotony inspires meditation!
Have a wonderful Sunday and a terrific week, Marietta


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