Oxcart Parade

Photo on 4-26-14 at 6.14 PM #2
Good Morning, Friends,

After yesterday’s surprise and strong downpour, the morning is filled with the
singing of happy birds who rejoice in nature’s cycle of seasons.  The green season
has arrived and although I am mostly delighted, I do hope the rains hold off today
so that the 9th Annual Climate Fair and Oxcart Parade can proceed as scheduled.
Whether you live in Atenas or not, I encourage you to get out early, stretching
gently as you receive another day.

There is nothing more energizing to me than spending time with people who truly
enjoy the things they do, engaging their whole being.  The Climate Fair and Oxcart
Parade are wonderful opportunities to witness this kind of commitment in action.
It is always refreshing to hear the comments and observe the behaviors of the 
community leaders who work so hard to keep the tradition of the oxcart driver and
his/her oxen alive despite the economical and physical challenges it poses.
Last night at the “Sesteo” held at the Hogar de Ancianos, we watched a documentary
which was filmed entirely in Atenas with our very own local boyeros.   I sat and
watched while surrounded by an enthusiastic audience who roared with appreciation
when recognizing a neighbor or relative.  I was surprised and delighted to see that I
knew everyone who was captured in the video.  Their message was simple: welcome
modern things but don’t forget the significant part the oxcart driver and his/her oxen
have had on the progress in this tiny country.
I encourage you to take a few minutes today and think about the small ways in which
you can improve your day, your life, your world.   Be grateful for all your blessings
and remember that you are in charge of all the thoughts that run through your mind.
Make them good ones.
Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta


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