Elegance and us

Greetings friends,
I am writing to you from the comfort of the cozy studio I stay in when I am in New 
York.  The past few days have found me busy catching up with social visits and I
am eager to continue in this manner for a few more days before I tackle more 
important matters on my agenda for this trip.  I invite you all to spend a bit of your
morning stretching and moving your body in loving appreciation that you can do so.  
Do it early, before the day gets away from you.  You will not regret it.
Tulips are my favorite flowers.  These hardy perennials were my constant companions
each spring when we lived in New York.  The showy flowers with their beautiful colors
never failed to lift my spirits after what seemed eternal winters.  I never understood 
exactly how they managed to brave the cold season and smile in spring, and perhaps 
even more surprising was the way they actually bloomed despite my mother’s somewhat
random planting.  I realize now that she actually knew what she was doing and 
seeing the bright yellow tulips thriving many years after she planted them has brought 
me the sudden and unexpected reassurance that life’s cycles do keep up their rhythm.
When I am in New York, I do quite a bit of walking.  The ample sidewalks and (mostly)
respectful drivers make moving around a pleasant and entertaining experience.  I enjoy
the energy, and the absolute certainty that on any given block, store or institution, I will 
find something or someone to hold my attention.  A recent trip to the local bank added
many pages of anecdotes to my journal which I hope to turn into a book one day.
On this trip, I have noticed that there are less trash containers in the subway platforms.
My inquiry into the situation revealed that a pilot plan is in effect to remove many more
canisters after it was determined that their absence has changed riders’ behavior to the 
point that they are disposing of their trash elsewhere–not on the subway tracks!  When
our children were young, my purse or my pockets served as receptacles for their empty 
juice boxes or cookie wrappers.  It never occurred to them that tossing a wrapper in the
air or stuffing it in a hole in a wall was acceptable.  The elegance of a clean subway or
sidewalk is the result of every person taking responsibility for his/her own space.  If we
each did that on a daily basis, imagine how different things would be!
Have a wonderful Sunday and a terrific week, Marietta

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