Photo on 2-22-14 at 10.52 AM #2Greetings Friends,
Welcome to another gorgeous Sunday, a new opportunity to go outside and 
rejoice in Nature’s beauty.  Tune into your body, stretching gently and placing a
friendly smile on your face.  It is a wonderful way to begin each day.
On Friday I had the immense satisfaction of attending our son’s graduation from
college.  Most of you have been reading my weekly newsletter over the years
and are aware of the numerous transitions our family has undergone.  I appreciate
all the feedback I have received and especially enjoy when you share some of your
own families’ rites of passage. It makes what I do each week more meaningful.
As I sat and listened to the commencement address given by Senator Cory Booker,
I felt really energized.  I found myself paying close attention to the words spoken
by this young leader whose style is direct and optimistic.  Mr. Booker’s approach 
to life is refreshing and it is my hope that his message will remain in the hearts
and minds of the new graduates for a long time to come.  I was reminded that no
matter how much effort we put into something, we can always do more.  
Sometimes we need to hear words of encouragement to get us started or put us
back on track.
My time in New York is always an opportunity for reflection.  It lets me take a
break from the routines and obligations I have in Atenas and exchange them for
different ones here. look around the small apartment (which looks like a storage 
unit because it is cramped with the contents of our daughter’s dorm room) and my
eyes rest on our sleeping beauty with whom I am fortunate to have a very close 
relationship. She has just completed her first year of college, has become very
independent but still enjoys spending time with me.  It’s a great feeling!
Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta    


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