Living Life to the Fullest

Photo on 5-22-14 at 10.33 AMDear Friends,
Greetings on this day.  I am a little late getting started but I know you don’t
need my weekly reminder to get out there, move your wonderful limbs and
enjoy the gifts of Nature before the day gets away from you.  It is amazing 
to witness how the land in Atenas welcomes the rainy season after the long,
dry season and to see the vibrant colors of the grass and blooming flowers!
When I woke up this morning, I found myself pondering what theme I would
address in my writing today.  Before I had a chance to think too deeply, we
lost electricity, something that happens more often in Atenas than it should.
My husband and I drove to town to buy my much-needed coffee and other
breakfast items.  Upon returning home, we contacted the electricity provider
to report the problem.  An hour later, I am sitting at my computer writing my
missive, still contemplating the subject matter for today.
When our children were little, I gave up any aspirations of having an elegant
house.  I knew from the experience of baby-sitting as a teenager and from being
part of a largish family that clutter is something that presents itself naturally
when childhood is happening.  Instead of insisting on perfectly arranged books 
on shelves, I welcomed the messy tables and counters that were occupied by
‘works in progress’.  I was always aware that it was a temporary situation that
would end when the children grew up and moved on to college.
As I look around my home today, there is still strong evidence of ‘works in
progress’ but now they are mine!  I have sensibly accepted that I need to hire 
someone to help me put the flow back into the spaces which remain cluttered
with useless items.  Instead of spending precious time regretting my messy
nature, I am eager to find the person or crew that will allow me to live my
life to the fullest and to continue to fill my home with love and great memories.
Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta


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