Being Part of a Team

Dear Friends, A lovely (if hot!) morning greets me here in Atenas. As I sip my morning coffee, I hear the singing of birds and the pitter-patter as our dogs walk across the floor. I am reminded that I have been blessed with another sunrise, an opportunity to breathe, move my body, engage my intellect … Continue reading Being Part of a Team

Living in the Present

Greetings Friends, I hope this message finds you well and looking forward to some  movement and relaxation on this gray, but still beautiful, Sunday  morning. Get out there early so you can take full advantage of  your energy and enjoy the gifts of Nature.   Every week before I write, I quietly contemplate my personal interactions during the … Continue reading Living in the Present

Dear Friends, Greetings on another renewal Sunday; it seems the weeks just fly by! Get out there early today and move your body in loving gratitude for all the things you have: your family, your health and your desire to improve everything around you in whatever small or large way you can. Two of our … Continue reading