Hydroponic Garden

Photo on 5-22-14 at 10.33 AM
Dear Friends,
Greetings on this Sunday, June 1st: a day for renewal of body and mind! Allow yourself
the connection to Nature today and appreciate the way it makes you feel as you gently
and mindfully move your body throughout the day.
I am writing to you while listening to a collection of Beethoven Sonatas which always
inspire me and challenge me to return to my neglected piano, even if only to practice some
scales.  I can hear the chirping of birds as I drink my coffee (from Atenas, of course) and in
this moment, I am filled with gratitude that I have all the necessary ingredients that allow my
life to evolve in a positive manner.  I wish the same for you.
Last week the structure for our hydroponic project was completed.  On Tuesday, we visited
a nursery and purchased the seedlings with which we had decided to begin.  Our system is
perfect for many types of plants and we have started with several varieties of lettuce for our
first crops. Nothing is more satisfying than watching seedlings thrive and in the near future,
we will add some tomatoes.  The ‘hobby’ is an additional commitment undertaken (mostly)
by my husband who has always been delighted with the idea of growing what we consume
and can share with our friends. I will keep you posted on our progress in future writings!
The words of Robert Louis Stevenson “Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by
the seeds you plant” are often in my mind these days.  I have been writing to most of you on
a weekly basis for over 6 years.  It is a commitment that I honor and take seriously.  Since I
never know what aspect of my week I will share on Sunday mornings, I pay close attention
to the unfolding of my days.  I thank every one of you who takes the time to write me back
because your feedback allows me to see the way my words (seeds) affect my audience (an
exquisite and delightful garden).  You encourage me to keep planting!
I wish you a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

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