A Father’s Day Message

Photo on 9-23-13 at 11.09 AMDear Friends,

Greetings on this beautiful Sunday, tailor-made for celebration and rejuvenation!
The birds are singing, the sun is shining and the air is still crisp and perfect for
a short morning walk. Get out there early and enjoy the benefits of being alive
with the ability to move your body.

Last week, I had many errands to run around the center of town so I parked my
car and walked to the different shops I needed to visit. This small decision allowed
me to really notice all the changes that are taking place in our little county. It appears
a diverse group of residents and town officials have begun a project to beautify the
central park, starting with repainting the benches that have been distressed by time,
weather and sadly, vandalism.

Parks and other green areas have always had a special meaning for me. Although I
grew up in Park Slope, Brooklyn (before it was ‘trendy’), we were blessed by our
proximity to Prospect Park, a 585 acre haven of astounding beauty which we could
frequent every weekend all year long. It was where my father taught me how to
ride a bike, sled down a snowy hill and fantasize singing in the impressive (but then
deteriorated) Bandshell! My father was (and remains) a city boy but he never
resented making the weekend journey to the park with four children on bikes or
skates until we were too old to need him to take us anymore!

Today Costa Rica and about 75 other countries are celebrating Father’s Day!
Although I don’t succumb to the marketing frenzy that occurs around any major
or minor holidays, I do like to honor fathers on this day because too many of them
(my husband and father included) go uncelebrated, unnoticed and unrecognized
most of the time. Whether your father is living or has transitioned, whether you
enjoy a wonderful relationship or have a strained one, your dad is a vital component
of your very existence. Spend a few minutes sending gratitude, compassion and
if necessary, forgiveness to him for any mistakes in the past.

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

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