Being Part of a Team

Photo on 5-22-14 at 10.33 AM
Dear Friends,

A lovely (if hot!) morning greets me here in Atenas. As I sip my morning
coffee, I hear the singing of birds and the pitter-patter as our dogs walk
across the floor. I am reminded that I have been blessed with another
sunrise, an opportunity to breathe, move my body, engage my intellect and
live a good day. Get out there early before the day disappears!

We are about two weeks into the 2014 World Cup championship being
played in Brazil. Costa Rica’s National Team (La Sele) is in the round
of 16 for only the second time in the history of our participation. The team
has become a favorite underdog worldwide. Our national pride and happiness
(normally ranked as high) has been turned up a few notches as we all
come together to cheer for our team.

The euphoria in the social media is impossible to ignore. With every game
I watch (and I have watched a lot!), I become more knowledgeable about
soccer and more emotionally invested in our team’s victories. I have found
myself posting the occasional comment and sharing pictures of the team, as
do many of my friends and fans of the team. One day last week, someone
in the social media lambasted us for our pride in being “Ticos”…after all,
haven’t we seen the potholes on the streets, the corruption in our government,
prices going up, no leadership and so on?

I read the post until I began to feel angry! Yes, of course, we know all that…
but this is World Cup and in a few weeks, we will all have to get back to reality
and get to work on all those problems. From past experience, I know the poster
will not be there to work alongside us. So for now, I will have my joy and accept
the ‘yellow card’ from our poster happily, two even.

I once worked in an office where I had a tremendous amount of responsibility.
Around the holidays, it was customary for the office to throw a party. I had too
many files to complete so I opted out of the party once. My stern boss walked
over to my desk and instructed me to stop working and join the rest of the staff.
He told me I was an excellent worker who needed to become a better team
player if I wanted to move up to management. Over the years I have come to
appreciate the verbal ‘red card’ my boss gave me. Without it, I would not have
learned how rewarding it is to be part of a team, especially as a nation.
Puente Juan Pablo Segundo
Have a wonderful day and a terrific week whether you are into soccer or not!


Picture of Sele Fans courtesy Seleccion Nacional Facebook Page

One thought on “Being Part of a Team

  1. Yay! Go team. Let’s savor this unique and exciting time! Pride in this accomplishment is shared by almost everybody living in Costa Rica; tico and gringo alike. I am proud to be a “gringita” and support the tico pride in our team. Let’s wear our colors proudly!

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