Awake and Grateful

Photo on 3-12-14 at 11.01 AM

Dear Friends,

A hazy, warm morning greets me today. I feel this is a privilege which affords me
the chance to breathe, to move, to think and to make another day count. Get out
there early and do whatever you need to do before you do all the things you enjoy.

Here in Costa Rica, we are still celebrating the amazing accomplishment of our
World Cup 2014 Team (La Sele)! Despite not advancing to semi-finals, our
collective attitude remains one of pride and gratitude for the manner in which
the team’s prominent performance captured the world’s attention and brought
us closer than ever before to a World Cup victory! “Where is Costa Rica?” was
asked and answered many times during the last month, making geography a little
more interesting to everyone who asked!

I participated in Costa Rica’s passion for soccer in the last several weeks. It
has always been my nature to seek ways to be a part of something important,
especially in areas that transcend economic and political boundaries, such as
art, music and gastronomy . I was surprised to discover myself completely
invested in the feeling of unity and hope each successful Sele encounter brought
the nation.

It would be marvelous if our collective desire to experience this tangible victory would
prompt us to seek improvement in the many aspects of our everyday lives which we,
as a country, are ignoring. The fact that we could come together in harmony in this
manner leads me to think we can also come together with conviction and inspiration to
address the urgent issues that confront us. It is my hope that the passion that made
us dream we could be World Cup champions will energize us become the champions of
our daily lives. Viva La Sele!


Have a great day and a terrific week, Marietta

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