The Conclusion of World Cup 2014

Photo on 3-12-14 at 11.01 AMDear friends,

Greetings to you all from Atenas, where it is a bit cooler today than most mornings.
I hear the birds in the distance as I look out and take in the splendor of the lush
landscape. Whatever the weather where you are, get out for a while today and move
your body with appreciation and optimism. Another day is another opportunity to be
of service to yourself and your community.

I have been taking guitar lessons for the last few months in an area of Atenas
that is just a few kilometers from my home. I have a wonderful teacher who inspires
and encourages me and I am having fun with this new hobby. Every Saturday as
I drive to my lesson I am treated to a spectacular vista which allows me to see the
county from a different perspective. I often turn the radio off and let the sights
and sounds provide all the visual and auditory stimulation during the ride.

There are still plenty of areas in this gorgeous county that are bursting with greenery
on their rolling hills and provide me with a sense of stability. Those who know me
well can attest to the importance of stability in my life! Although I welcome and
easily adapt to new things, being able to count on something or someone has always
been vital to me. Being a person that can be counted on is also something I strive
to be.

The final game of the World Cup will be played later today. I have caught World Cup
fever like at no other time in my life, probably because of our “La Sele’s” fairytale
performance and the fact that our own Keylor Navas is a contender for the Golden
Glove Award. To watch soccer played at this level is very exciting. It supports my
belief that hard work, confidence, and positive team dynamics can lead to success.
I can also name the concrete examples of what can be accomplished in less than
fifteen minutes since I completed many of my tasks at half-time!cooperation

Today’s game will define the careers of some and is expected to be watched by a
billion viewers. I will be among these viewers, cheering for my (still undecided) team.
It is almost impossible not to be swept up in the celebration. Tomorrow I will return
to my normal routine which rules out watching television during the day. I am
determined to recall the magical atmosphere and connection to others this World Cup
has brought our country. I invite us all to do so as we address the challenges that
face us on a daily basis.

Have a great day and a wonderful week, Marietta

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