A very pleasant afternoon

Photo on 5-22-14 at 10.33 AMDear friends,

I really look forward to Sundays. Although I don’t take it for granted, I know I can
count on a delicious breakfast made by my husband that includes coffee (from
Atenas, of course!) and a generous helping of love. Before I begin my writing, I
step onto the terrace where my eyes rest on layer upon layer of mountains that
stretch toward the horizon under the immense sky. Sometimes the days are clear,
other times Sundays are hazy (like today). No matter what the weather, though, I
eagerly anticipate my Sundays and the opportunity that I have to connect with all
of you; to inspire you to move and breathe and be grateful. I also like to share a
part of my week and hopefully hear a little bit about yours in return.

layers of mountains

I read somewhere that great things begin with the smallest of acts. Yesterday, I
was reminded of this fact as I sat at the semi-annual Board of Directors meeting at
the Hogar de Ancianos (Nursing Home) here in Atenas. I have long been an admirer
of this institution and all the people associated with it. They continue to improve the
“home” and offer the aging population in our county high-quality care at an affordable
price. As I listened to the various reports, I was able to appreciate the natural beauty
that surrounds the buildings and provides breath-taking views for the residents, many
of whom sat nearby whispering quietly as our meeting progressed. The Hogar has had
success because the Board of Directors, Administration and Staff work steadily toward
a single goal: to enhance the quality of life for everyone.

Attending these meetings and being a contributing member of the Hogar de Ancianos
has brought me the additional benefit of meeting people who exemplify many qualities
I admire and wish to cultivate in myself. I was inspired and energized to invest more
of my time deeply thinking about the kind of incredible future I might have as a senior
citizen if I pay attention now to the daily things that invigorate me. Being part of a
community and having fun regularly are both very high on my list.

Before the meeting yesterday, I went to my guitar lesson. Although I cannot boast
proficiency yet, I can take pride in the fact that I know more than I did five months
ago. I eagerly go to these lessons because my wonderful teacher loves what he does
and values all his students’ efforts to improve. After hectic weekdays,
concentrating on correctly playing a difficult chord and succeeding is a very
fulfilling way to spend an hour. I hope all of you have wonderful hobbies that
make you smile!

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

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