A good lesson

Photo on 5-22-14 at 10.33 AMDear Friends,

Greetings on another Sunday of renewal and relaxation. The sun is shining where I
live, encouraging me to take this opportunity to be thankful and enjoy the day.
I hope the same is true for you and that you will do something creative and fun
that you can remember later and enjoy anew. Invite friends and family along for
an added benefit.

July is passing too quickly for me. The whole month has been an unbroken chain of
events, celebrations and meetings. As I look at my schedule for the month of August,
it seems this trend is going to continue. I become so totally absorbed in the enjoyment
of this ‘busyness’ that I have to be ever vigilant not to misplace my wallet, lose my
keys, forget my glasses, etc. You’ve all been privy to my adventures in the past and
I am pleased to report that I have not lost any of my belongings in about 2 years!
I am confident this trend will continue!

The last time I lost my wallet (and license!) I had to depend on our son to drive me
places. He was home for the summer and he was very gracious about chauffeuring
me, partly because he loves to drive. We enjoyed unplanned conversations which
often became interesting philosophical explorations or spontaneous sharing sessions!
I look back at that time with a mixture of nostalgia and affection, glad we were both
able to make important memories almost by accident. Our son has graduated from
college now and summer vacations are probably not going to repeat themselves in
quite the same way.???????????????????????????????????????????

Our daughter and youngest child is home for the summer. She has been very busy
catching up with friends, visiting relatives and reaquainting herself with her favorite
beaches. I consider myself blessed to still be able to drive her places and repeat the
joyous process of unplanned conversations and sharing possibilities. I know how
quickly time passes so I make more of an effort to really be present when we are
together. Losing my wallet years ago was a blessing and a lesson which I will
not soon forget. It forced me to center myself and start paying attention to what
(and who!) is really important in my life.

I wish you a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

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