Celebrate with Enthusiasm

Photo on 2-22-14 at 10.52 AM #2
Dear Friends,

It is a beautiful morning where I am and wherever it finds you, I hope the same is
true for you. Go outside in loving appreciation for the way nature brings joy to
your eyes when they rest on the mountains, trees and sky. Take a deep breath
and feel your connection to everything around you.

I love celebrations with family and friends and wish that my schedule permitted
more of these experiences. Ceremonies and parties have special meaning for
me because they often bring together people whose well-meaning intention to
see each other more frequently do not materialize. When I am attending such
a gathering, I enjoy taking many candid pictures that I can review in the quiet
hours that I set aside just for that task. I don’t have my pictures organized in the
way that I want but I feel comforted by the expectation that I will one day!

Yesterday I attended the birthday celebration of an aunt which brought together
almost all her children, grandchildren and even a couple of great-grand
children. Although the road leading to the home was a challenge, once we were
past the gates, we were enveloped in nature’s magic. The sounds of laughing
children and adults was interrupted every once in a while by the loud noise made
by the airplanes flying overhead. It was enthralling to spy those giant flying machines
reach tree-top height. I wondered how many passengers were on their way to some
family celebration!

Today is a good day for a celebration for us all. Let us not just pass up
this opportunity to actively express our joy and focus attention on the people
in our lives that help make our days worthwhile.

Have a wonderful day and an excellent week, Marietta

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