A Sunday With No Plans

Dear Friends,

What a beautiful day I am waking up to! Despite the typical August weather in
New York (hot, mostly cloudy about 50% of the time), I will go out early and walk
around the neighborhood taking in the beauty of the urban landscape across the
East River than can be seen from the hidden gem that is Sunnyside, Queens. Go
out there and enjoy the last day of August, stretching your body in gratitude.


Sundays are days I usually start off leisurely and review in my mind the experiences
of the previous week that I can share in my message to you. It is a routine that I find
valuable because it focuses my attention on the highlights of my week. Each Sunday
I am reminded of the important place that family, friends and community have in my
life. A sense of belonging, care and support is the positive result that years of being
active in neighborhood associations has given me.

I am grateful to my parents for their commitment to improve the neighborhoods where
we lived. Their example influenced my view that I have a duty as a citizen to take part
in the shaping of my surroundings. My mother had an uncanny ability to imagine the
neighborhoods of the future, and I am often stunned when I realize that the changes
(growth) in our little town of Atenas are those she predicted over 20 years ago! I wish
I had paid more attention to the little details she pointed out so long ago.

In our modern day existence, we plan things months in advance and forget to
appreciate the wonderful gift of the present. With agenda in hand, I plan ahead to
tomorrow, next week, or next month because that is what the practical side of me
requires. I have no advance plans for today other than spending as much of it as I can
with our children. Not having a ‘plan’ is a little unsettling because I enjoy looking back
on my days to see how much I accomplished. If I succeed, however, in living each
moment today as it unfolds, that too will be an accomplishment!

Live today fully and have a wonderful week, Marietta

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