Photo on 8-12-14 at 8.16 AM
Dear Friends,

Greetings on a lovely sunny Sunday! Get outside early today and acknowledge
with gratitude all the good things that you have in your life.

I have just returned from a short visit to New York. Every time I return to Atenas,
I am filled with the restored strength gathered as the result of stepping away from
my daily routine. Everything is pleasing to my eyes, especially evidence of the
attention and care my husband bestows on my beloved African violets during my
absence. Their colorful flowers and hearty green leaves put a smile on my lips
when I see them. In New York, I have a lovely silk African violet but the real ones
I grow here are extraordinarily fulfilling because they require more than just dusting!

Sharing good experiences with my readers is one of the goals of my weekly writing.
I strive to acknowledge positive changes that happen around town because I am
deeply invested in community building. I am encouraged each time someone tells
me that a story or a lesson I shared has made a positive impact on their day. Knowing
I have an attentive audience incites me to contemplate my actions and my thoughts.

Introspection should be undertaken regularly and honestly as a way to appraise the
way we are living our life. Its deliberate goal (investigation) can uncover hidden
motives and fears which are holding us back from doing the things we really long to
do. I set aside a few minutes each evening before I fall asleep to review the day
I have just lived and prepare myself for the day I hope to awaken to. This mental
review allows me to connect with my values and evaluate whether I have been true
to them in that day.

A friend once told me that what we have in our hearts often determines our
experience. I like to believe that I am part of a truly caring community that
fosters goodwill and kindness. My weekly writings are my effort to contribute to it.


Have a great day and week!


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