Living Fully

Photo on 8-12-14 at 8.16 AM
Dear Friends,

The haze present this morning subdues the sun’s brilliant rays. The
songs of the birds are clear, however, and I feel appreciation for all the
possibilities a new day presents me with. Today, I will choose to do
more with my day than just breathe in and out. I encourage us all to
get out there and move our bodies in gratitude for the health, love and
choices we have in our lives.

Photo Hazy Sunday
Before I begin writing each Sunday, I often read inspirational material. Today
I opened a page that contained the Martha Medeiros’ poem “Die Slowly” (often
incorrectly attributed to Pablo Neruda) which injected my spirit with a much-
needed positive perspective, a provocation to make changes I have determined
I need in my life in order to achieve the level of contentment I desire.

The past week has been a week of mindful reflection for me. I have made
some important decisions regarding the use of my time which, I confess,
have made me feel anxious about how to benefit from the newly-found hours.
It is a challenge for me to break the habit of constant action and replace it
(at least for now) with sitting quietly and seriously thinking about what I really
want to accomplish in the weeks that remain in 2014. I have become too
comfortable with some routines that no longer make sense but feel right
because I’ve been doing them for so long!

As I studied and reflected on the words of “Die Slowly”, I began to feel the
energy I used to when embracing a new project. The poem prompted me to
remember that life is short and that the way I live my life is my responsibility.
I must live my dream with passion and joy and share those characteristics with
the people who in one way or another have become a part of my community.
Being a part of a supportive community has always been important to
me. I am delighted that you, my readers, choose to visit with me week
after week and offer your own insights to make me feel connected to
something significant.

Have a wonderful day, and a terrific week, Marietta

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