The importance of music

IMG_0302Dear Friends,

After the heavy rains of the last few days, it is lovely to see the sun peeking
through the clear, unobscured landscape. Nature moves my heart and wherever
you are, I hope your day is starting with equally majestic scenery. Spend time
outdoors today truly reflecting and being grateful for the ability to see, to feel
and to breathe.

Every Saturday when I am in Atenas, I take a relaxed drive for a short distance
on my way to my guitar lesson. Each journey on the narrow, windy road offers
the opportunity to see some amazing views and catch a glimpse of how locals
in this still very rural part of the county spend their Saturdays.

The early afternoon weather is usually mild, so many people are outdoors;
the men caring for their cars and grass; the women often sweeping their
porches, taking care of the laundry or just sitting and engaging in friendly
and harmless neighborhood banter. Small children run around carefree
as they play the chasing games they love. The chickens peck away at their
food in the middle of the road, inattentive to the random taxis that
circulate sporadically inches from them.

By the time I get to my lesson, I feel a deep inner peace similar to what
I have experienced during a guided meditation with a really good instructor.
My teacher’s mood is always pleasant. Minutes after we have caught up
on the activities of the week, we begin a lesson which has always been as
amusing for my mistakes as it is for the times I actually get the chords right.

When I climb into the car for the scenic drive back home, I am filled with
renewed motivation to practice more and improve in the coming week.
Music uplifts my spirit, relieves stress and tension. It makes me feel
connected to everything around me and provides me with a chance to
have fun, something I never turn down!

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week full of fun and love,

Pablo Picasso “Three Musicians” image

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