Everything matters!

Photo on 9-23-13 at 11.09 AMDear Friends,

It is a chilly morning here in Queens. The sun is not in evidence
but I am happy to greet another day. I will get out and walk in
a different environment today and wherever you are, I encourage
you to get outside and move your body in gratitude. Breathe,
smile, and give the best of yourself to the day.


Riding the subway in New York is always a fascinating event in
my life. I am naturally chatty but I do know NY subway etiquette
and try to ride like the typical New Yorker I once was: glancing,
not staring, stepping away from the platform, moving out of the
train to let someone off, etc. If I am with my children (who
have become quite subway savvy) I engage in conversation
with them but if I am alone, I entertain myself by reading the
unconnected or takeover subway ads. Since I don’t ride the
train often, the ads are usually new for me and I find them a
very amusing way to pass the time.

Con Edison provides much of the energy that pulses through
New York. In recent visits, I have taken a particular interest in
their subway ads because they are stylish, subtle and easy to
relate to. The media agency they hired is to be congratulated for
the outstanding job they are doing educating consumers about
energy safety while also offering money-saving tips. I was
engaged in reading the Con Ed ads on my ride yesterday. The ad
I noticed showed a group of neighbors chatting happily on the
steps of their building, each assuming one of the others had
reported a gas leak they all had noticed! The campaign is aptly
entitled “Everything matters” and it was a reminder to me
that while communication in all areas is vital, it seems to have
become a lost art for many of us as we live our days.

There are many people in my circle of acquaintances who
mistakenly believe that no one and nothing matters. They
behave in ways that communicate this loudly without saying a
single word. The individualized worldview is prominent in their
life and change is something they don’t think about. I noticed
recently that this trend was beginning to influence my own
behavior in ways that were subtly cynical and foreign to my
nature. The Con Ed ad jolted me back to myself and reminded
me that in life, everything and everyone really does matter.

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week doing all the things that
matter to you, Marietta

image courtesy Bing.com royalty free images

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