Music is the universal language

Photo on 5-22-14 at 10.33 AM
Dear Friends,

It is very early in the morning here in Queens. When I woke up
today, I was grateful for my warm, cozy bed and the roof over my
head. The only sounds I hear are the steady ticking of the simple
wall clock and the occasional truck going by. It is Sunday, a day
of rest and relaxation for most of us. Get out early today for a
bit of movement and reflection. Breathe with appreciation as you
begin a day that will not be repeated.

My Sundays begin with a mental review of the past week to see
if there were any significant (positive) moments I can share with
you in my message. Knowing I am going to write on Sundays
does not change my behavior but it does make me pay attention
to aspects of my days that might otherwise go unnoticed. Most
weeks, I have several experiences to choose from that I think
everyone can relate to.
The 14th Street-Union Square subway station complex is a
unification of three separate stations which now share a
mezzanine but still have separate platforms for the subway
lines. My daughter and I went our separate ways at this
complex after going to the movies yesterday: she back to
campus in Brooklyn and I back home to Queens. I felt
nostalgic and lonely as I headed for my platform which
was crowded with hundreds of people whose lives converged
with mine for just a few minutes as we waited for the train.

The usual sounds on the subway platform were interrupted when
the music from a brass band playing on the mezzanine above us
began to reach us. I was fascinated by the reactions to this
“subway symphony”. Most of us tapped, smiled and appreciated
the few minutes of music that softened the (outer) toughness it
takes to live here. For a few minutes, we were all connected by
music, the universal language.

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week! Marietta

Image of Union Square courtesy royalty-free images

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