A grain of sand

Photo on 7-1-13 at 10.54 AMDear Friends,

A gorgeous sun-drenched morning greets me and wherever it
finds you, may the same be true for you. Let’s go out early today
and reconnect with Nature, loved ones and friends we may have
been neglecting as a result of our busy day-to-day living. We have
just begun another month, the month of Thanksgiving, my
favorite time of the year.

Science Fair orig
I spent part of my morning yesterday participating as a judge in
a Science Fair at one of our local pre-schools. The 8 children who
exhibited their projects before the panel ranged in ages from 18
months to 4 1/2 years old. I have always believed that the best
way for young people to learn anything is by total involvement in
a subject so it was refreshing and rewarding to observe their
level of mastery at such young ages.

I admired the ‘bravery’ of these young children as they explained
their projects to us. I was filled with nostalgia remembering my
own children at those ages when I could relate to every triumph
and defeat they experienced. My heart went out to the (many)
parents and grandparents present because I know that everyone
wants their loved one to do well. In my opinion, everyone who
participated yesterday is to be saluted because their involvement
is a seed that is being planted in young, fertile soil with tremendous
Sand from Sandy Bay, Oahu, Hawaii Magnification 250x

I consider myself very fortunate to be invited to participate in events
that are important and different, especially when they involve young
people. Yesterday’s activity reaffirmed my commitment to being an
active member of my community by contributing my grain of sand
when I am able to. My grain of sand yesterday was the time I was
willing and able to set aside to attend.

Have a wonderful Sunday and a terrific week, Marietta

Images: courtesy Bing.com royalty-free images

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