Dance Festival

Photo on 9-23-13 at 11.09 AMDear Friends,

It’s a splendid morning in Atenas, another one of the fifty-two beautiful versions
of a Sunday morning here, made to order for that early morning walk. Get out
there and move around before the day gets away from you. You’ll feel so much
better and your body will be thankful.

The 10th annual Dance Festival organized by Tina Newton of Su Espacio was
held last night. If you joined the hundreds of us who were there, then you will
recall having enjoyed modern dance, gymnastics, Salsa Mix, Tango, and
ballet, among others. While I was sitting watching the different acts (amazed
by the poise of the very young performers), my mind took a trip back in time to
a decade ago, when Tina first opened Su Espacio to fill a void in the community.
Over the years, Tina’s project has taken hold and the center has become a very
vital part of the Atenas community for local citizens and expats alike.festival de danza

Last month, Tina began working full-time for a company located in Forum
Industrial Park in Santa Ana. Her active involvement with Su Espacio
in the future will be limited. Last night, she introduced the new directors into
whose capable hands she is transferring the center: David Salas and his wife
Corinna Bardini who have already been actively teaching Spanish and Italian.
Tina thanked us in advance for welcoming the new directors as they make this
important transition. Judging by the applause and sigh of relief in the audience,
it is clear that Tina’s initiative has indeed filled a vacuum and has energized
and motivated many people into participating in fun and worthwhile activities.

By now you all know that November is my favorite month of the year. It is
the month I set aside to look back at my year and begin to think about plans
for the coming year. It is the month of Thanksgiving, the wonderful holiday
that allows us to show our deep appreciation for everything we have by making
and sharing a special meal with loved ones.

I am grateful for the bond that Tina and I have made through the years even
though we have never been able to spend too much time together on a daily
basis. Her performance last night and the touching gesture of farewell from
her students and their families reminded me of the incredible difference one
person really can make in the lives of others. It is an inspiring and motivating

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

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