Live a mentally unencumbered day!

Photo Hazy Sunday
Dear Friends,

At this moment, I am aware of only stillness and quiet. I feel the warmth of the
sun through my window. The cheerful invitation to rise and welcome this day fills
my heart with peace. As I breathe in the aroma coming from the kitchen where
my husband makes breakfast, I stretch my body in appreciation of all the good
things that fill my life. Go outdoors today and live the mentally unencumbered
day that can be yours if you choose it to be so.

The December breezes that herald the coming of the holidays have arrived a little
early again this year. I know it is time to rearrange my African violets so they don’t
shrivel from the sudden harsh winds that appear unexpectedly. I have noticed that
many of my neighbours have strung up their holiday lights and display fully decorated
Christmas trees. In our home, however, we still look forward to celebrating my
treasured Thanksgiving before decorating for Christmas.

This year, as we did last year, our Thanksgiving celebration will take place in my
parents’ home in San José. I feel blessed to share this special day with the family of
my blood and my heart even though our children will be many miles away enjoying
the traditional feast away from home. November is always a month of reminiscence
and gratitude. I become nostalgic when the seasonal smells fill the air and bring
back memories of my childhood in New York and the special importance my
parents placed on this tradition.

During the past few weeks, I have had the opportunity to participate in many
community activities. I have been in contact with people whose passion and
enthusiasm uplift my spirit and remind me of how important it is to my well-
being to become engaged in the events going on around me. We all have talents
and gifts to share. I am delighted to be invited to witness and support these
endeavors, most of which I will be writing about in the future.

Have a beautiful day and a wonderful week. Happy Thanksgiving to all!


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