Atenas: An exceptional place

Photo on 7-1-13 at 10.54 AMGood Morning, Friends!

On this clear, sunny Sunday morning, I can see all the way to
Turrialba (which my husband says is about 120 kilometers away).
The transition to summer (dry season) is underway and the birds
are celebrating with their loud and lively singing. They encourage
me to get out early today so I can enjoy as many hours of this day
as possible, and I urge you to do so also while walking and stretching
in loving gratitude.
Everywhere we look these days, we behold reminders that the end of
2014 is drawing nearer. The students in Costa Rica are concluding
final exams, celebrating graduations and generally looking forward
to a long and (hopefully) well-deserved vacation. Advertising bill-
boards inundate our landscape and encourage competitive acquisition
as a remedy for whatever is troubling us or might be missing in our
lives. Invitations for celebrations abound and there is an uplifting
mood in the air which is hard to resist or ignore.

I have always been fascinated by people who have lived their whole
lives in one place because their sense of community and belonging
is so strong. When we lived in New York, I would spend many hours
daydreaming what it might be like to live in Atenas and be an active
participant in community affairs. I looked forward to learning my
neighbors’ names and those of their offspring. Their frequent gestures
of generosity and kindness overwhelmed my grateful heart and those
memories lifted my spirits when the winters in New York were too
harsh for my taste.

After almost thirteen years as a resident of Atenas, I can happily say
I feel intensely connected to this exceptional place. I am aware that
visitors and potential residents are sensing the unique tangible and
intangible qualities that make it so special to me. I am confident that
their positive experience of Nature will encourage them to commit to
engage in actions that seek to maintain this special link, as we have
tried to all these years.

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

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