Granting Smiles

Photo on 6-17-14 at 10.29 AMDear Friends,

The sun is up and I can hear the birds singing and see them flying in the distance.
It is a wonderful reminder to begin the day and move about early this morning
to make the best of the hours we have before it is time to rest again. The next
few weeks will go quickly as we decorate and prepare our homes for guests and
festivities. It is important to remember to take care of our bodies during this
hectic time so that we can enjoy, in good health, the real reason behind the holidays.

Festival of Lights
The Festival of Lights in Atenas last night was a tremendous success. This year’s
theme was “Granting Smiles”. Everywhere I looked, there were countless reasons
to do so. The energy in the park and parade route was high as the enthusiastic
spectators appreciated the colorful floats and entertainment units (bands, gymnasts,
clowns, antique cars, etc.) showcased during this eagerly-awaited 7th edition. The
Municipality of Atenas, as the major parade organizer, deserves credit and thanks
for the tireless work that made this year’s parade possible.

Although yesterday morning began with a little rain, the evening was a typical
December night. The gentle breezes were present as was the very dark sky that made
it possible to spot stars and other celestial objects. I am still experiencing the elation
and exhilaration of having participated in a live broadcast of the event. My radio debut
last night as part of Radio Atenas’ ( broadcast team went smoothly
under the direction of Carlos Sequeira Cortes, a young man of incredible talent and
vision whose idea of establishing a local radio station has become a reality.

When our children were young, I made it a point to enjoy their stages of development
when they were happening because I knew that they would soon move on to the next
stage. Our children are now young adults living their lives mostly independently while
my husband and I have moved on to the next stage of our life as ’empty’ nesters.
Every age and every stage has its charms. It is important to put life in our years by
engaging in satisfying activities as much as we can. While we are at it, we should
practice granting smiles; we will surely get some back in return!

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

Photo of Float courtesy Patricia Rojas

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