Kindness and Generosity

Photo on 11-20-14 at 12.34 PM
Greetings Friends,

On this somewhat hazy December morning, with the calls of a pigeon far in
the distance, I am grateful for all the wonderful people and activities December
brings to my life. The often-strong seasonal breezes are adding energy to my
days. I am filled with optimism and the general feelings of goodwill that are
reflected in my neighbors. Get out early today and make a decision to enjoy the
the simple or elaborate visual offerings this time of year provides everywhere.

I missed my guitar lesson yesterday because I attended a tamale-making workshop
instead. The workshop had the two-fold purpose of raising funds for AMASIA [the
women’s cooperative in Atenas] while teaching participants the basic procedure for
producing the tasty, traditional, one-dish corn-based comfort food that is available in
most Tico households during the month of December. It is always rewarding to me
when I am able to be a part of workshops that focus on our traditions with people who
appreciate and seek to learn about other cultures.

Each January I find myself beginning the year with renewed zest to tackle projects.
During the last few weeks of each year, I have often felt overwhelmed by the list
of obligations I had yet to complete. During 2014, I have improved the way I use my
time. I have withdrawn from activities that no longer require my participation or
inspire my best efforts. It has been quite a year of living, learning, and moving on.
I feel pleased with the accomplishments of this year even though some of the lessons
learned have been painful.

The year has gone quickly, as they all seem to at this point in my life. I will celebrate
the holidays with family and friends during our annual gathering which has become an
important tradition which we all eagerly anticipate. The sights, sounds and aromas of
the Season inspire an attitude of kindness and giving in most of us. My heart is filled
with thankfulness knowing that I am part of a large and loving community that has an
attitude of kindness and giving all year round.

I look out into the distance and I remember that the present moment is precious. I
wish you a magnificent day and a wonderful week, Marietta image of tamale

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