A Holiday Greeting!

Santa Mari

Dear Friends,

It’s a beautiful, crisp Sunday morning. A noisy flock of parrots (or are they parakeets?)
outside my window was my alarm clock today. I found myself musing on the meaning
of their chatter as I motivated myself out of the covers to greet the day. Make the best
of this day, paying attention to your breath, to the sounds around you, to the way your
amazing body feels when you move it.

I look forward to Christmas each year with the anticipation of a young child hoping to
receive a longed-for present. In my case the longed-for gift I receive is the yearly
visit from family and friends who set aside a few hours to visit our home on Christmas
Day. They bring great conversations, food and laughter. I feel secure and privileged
in the warm embraces we exchange on that day, a feeling that remains long after the
last visitor heads home.

Christmas carols are playing everywhere. They range from the silly to the solemn.
I catch myself remembering the absolute delight with which our children (and I!) sang
the John Denver and the Muppets’ version of The Twelve Days of Christmas as we
decorated our home and cooked our favorite traditional holiday dishes. Over the
years, rituals have evolved as the consequence of our children growing up and life
changing as distance forces us to spend the holidays apart. The happy memories are
a bonus each time I recall them; I hope the same is true for our kids.
It is not hard, these days, to lose patience when we find ourselves stuck in traffic
due to the frenzy of the season. It is important to remember, though, that the real
spirit of the season resides in the inside-out process that serves to connect us to
everything and everyone in our world. These days of celebration should remind us of
the common bond we share, the reason for the season and the important traditions
that will always endure. I wish you blessed holidays filled with people and activities
that have meaning for you.

Have a wonderful day and a peaceful and happy week, Marietta

Images of parrots and Carolers Bing.com royalty-free images

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