A smile and an attitude of gratitude

Photo on 4-8-14 at 9.58 AM #3

Dear Friends,

As I write these words today, the first Sunday in 2015, it is my wish that all of us
will have focus, clarity and optimism in the year. Let’s make the best of each day,
beginning with this one, by making it a habit to stretch, take a short walk and breathe
correctly before our busy days begin. Adding a smile to all that will make us feel
better and the gentle movement will benefit both mind and spirit.

My breakfast today was a tasty omelette which included a homegrown tomato from my
husband’s hydroponic garden. I am not sure whether I admire his cooking talents or his
gardening skills more but I am immensely grateful for the generosity and cheerfulness
with which he makes me breakfast each Sunday. It is one of the many blessings in my
life which I do NOT take for granted and enjoy to the last bite!


Visits with family members are a time of reflection for me. As we get older, it becomes
more important to try to spend more time together, especially with my siblings. My
brother and his three children visited for just a few days last week, partly to
celebrate our Dad’s birthday! During their brief stay we managed to have some
important conversations and it was just lovely to see my nieces and nephew at this
new stage in their lives (out of college and working; in college; and heading to college
later this year). It is a different experience from that of entertaining the cute
toddlers they once were!

I often remark that each age has its charms and I am looking forward to celebrating
my own milestone birthday (60) later this year. Right now, everything holds promise
and my resolve to pay more attention to my natural rhythms and inclinations is strong.
I am content with how 2014 ended in terms of my goals and I have begun 2015 with a
renewed commitment to continue to greet each day with a smile and an attitude of

Have an exceptional day and a healthy and peaceful 2015!


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