Serenity and Harmony!


Greetings Friends,

It is a beautiful, sunny January morning and I urge you to get out
and about early today to enjoy Nature’s blessings while you stretch
your body in gratitude and gentle movement.

As I began to write these words, a cacophony of sounds from various
birds outside my window reached my ears. They are not the most
attractive birds I have ever seen and their dissonance was so loud and
disturbing that I was motivated to go outside on the terrace to get a
closer look. Their silence came suddenly to replace their earlier noise.
I could no longer see their silhouettes with my naked eyes. Off
in the distance, though, I could still hear the layers of sound as they
headed off to rouse someone else!

While I was on the terrace, I noticed the disarray in which the recent
strong winds have left the tablecloths. As I began to rearrange them
I felt the sun’s strong rays on my shoulders, followed by mild breezes
that warmed my legs. I stood still for a moment to really absorb the
goodness of the reality that surrounds me. With all the chaos and
sadness with which our world has begun the year, I am truly thankful
for my life and the choices that exist for me every day.

Experiencing serenity and harmony is high on my list of goals to
achieve for 2015. I am eager to find ways to shed the slightest hint
of anxiety as soon as it appears, which thankfully is not a frequent
ocurrence. My personal past experiences have shown me that
changing a negative thought and an attitude quickly is often all it
takes to make better use of my time!

When I practice my guitar and (successfully) play a few chords, I feel
a tremendous sense of accomplishment. It reminds me just how far
I’ve come since May when I first began to take lessons without really
knowing whether I would have the discipline to make time to practice
regularly. I am happy I silenced the inner critic who wondered whether
this ‘hobby’ had merit and instead listened to the wisdom of the sages
who communicated to me the many benefits derived from it.

Have a wonderful Sunday, filled with optimism and energy!


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