A sense of community


Greetings Friends,

The day greets me in a quiet and peaceful way. The Christmas
decorations that have graced our home for several weeks are
(mostly) put away and the new year has really taken hold of my
schedule. I find I am busy but relaxed and content with the way
that the new year is unfolding. Before heading out today for our
morning walk, let’s stretch, breathe and feel gratitude for all the
blessing in our lives.

Yesterday was a bittersweet day for me. Our daughter returned
to New York to begin the second semester of her sophomore year
in college. It is hard to put into words how each farewell affects me.
I feel like an unanchored boat navigating unfamiliar water. My
daughter and I have an unwritten rule to make the hugs and
kisses strong but brief and we try to look forward and move

The ride back home was uncomplicated and quick. My mind turned
its attention to the immediate tasks at hand upon arrival. This year,
in contrast to previous years, my Saturdays are filled with music as
a consequence of the guitar lessons I am taking. These lessons
always lift my mood, whether I have practiced enough or not and I
return refreshed and looking forward to the week’s practice and

In the last couple of weeks, I have seen some of you during my errands
in Atenas. I appreciate when you comment on something I have written
or stop and tell me something you wanted to share but never had time
to write to me. These special and unplanned meetings elevate my
spirits and encourage me in my conviction that we all need to feel
connected to our community, whether our community is made up
many people or just a few. Thank you all sincerely for allowing me
to be a part of your community each Sunday as you are for me.

Have a wonderful day and a very productive week, Marietta

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