A challenge and a new opportunity!

Hogar de Ancianos Atenas
Hogar de Ancianos

Dear Friends,

I celebrate the layered richness of the landscape I awaken to each morning. It is the
same yet different each time I look out my windows throughout the day. At this
moment, the breeze is picking up and I can see leaves resembling butterflies make
their way across my field of vision. I have just finished a delicious breakfast which
which included coffee (from Atenas, of course!) and which makes me feel grateful
and blessed. Let’s all get outside early today to stretch and take time to meditate on
the way we will spend the day.

Today is Superbowl Sunday. It is hard to believe we have already begun the second
month of a year that seems to have just started. I find myself busier than ever and
more aware of the importance of scheduling even leisure time so my days don’t
become full of necessary but monotonous tasks that exhaust and deplete my energy.
I am grateful to have nothing planned for today except relaxing and enjoying the
many gifts that nature provides me with.

I attended the semi-annual Assembly at the Hogar de Ancianos (Nursing Home) here
in Atenas yesterday afternoon. As I have shared with you before, this noble place
is one of my favorite institutions and every time I sit to listen to the reports, I look
around and appreciate the serenity and the breath-taking views that envelop the
residents (and me) in a comforting embrace. Although I do focus my attention
on the speakers and the content of the reports, my mind often takes a little trip
into what the future might hold for me when I become a senior citizen.

Yesterday’s meeting culminated with a restructuring of the Board of Directors. I
accepted a position on the board and I am proud to now be part of a group whose
principal goal is to work steadily to enhance the quality of life for the residents. My
fellow board members are people I have admired for a long time and whose qualities
I wish to cultivate in myself. I feel tremendously honored to have been asked to
serve because I know that it is a serious undertaking. I am eager to contribute and
also to engage in constant self-evaluation that will help me grow as a person.

Have a wonderful Sunday and a terrific week, Marietta

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