A new phase!

Dear Friends,

It is a beautiful, sunny, crisp morning here in Atenas. I hope many of you take my
weekly advice to get out there early and enjoy Nature’s goodness. Stretch your body
as if reaching for the stars that shine for us at night. You won’t regret starting your
day off in such a pleasant manner; in fact you might notice you have more energy
during the day.

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, a day for love and friendship. I hope that you did
something special for someone you love (yourself!) even if it was just to be gentle
and kind to you. Today is our son’s 23rd birthday, a mind-boggling reality reminding
me once again how quickly time passes. I vividly remember the magical first few
minutes after he was born. As I held his tiny, perfect body next to me, I was totally
mesmerized by his existence, oblivious in that moment that I had just become a mom.

When I was a young girl, I had very romantic notions about marriage and children.
I often imagined that I would have lots of children, not knowing just how much was
involved in getting them from babies to adults. In order to make spending money as
a teenager, I babysat regularly and I believe this hands-on experience with children
may have influenced my decision to postpone having my own until I was much older.
I am glad that I waited until the right time for me. I had had the experience of having
worked for a couple of decades so I knew what the business world was all about. I
also had had enough ‘me’ time and I felt I was ready to parent someone else.

I have always felt that every stage and age has its charms. Right now, my husband
and I are in a new stage of our life. Our children are gone from home (in the blink of
an eye) and we are discovering that our active involvement in all the aspects of their
formative years have contributed to the ongoing participation we have in each other’s
present life. Modern technology makes it easier than ever for us to stay in touch but
our desire to remain involved is what prompts us and them to enjoy the rewards that
this new phase is bringing us all.

Have a wonderful Sunday and a great week, Marietta

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