A plot twist!

Photo on 4-8-14 at 9.58 AM #3Dear Friends,

Another Sunday is upon us. The gentle breeze brushes my face as I gaze out at the
clear blue sky that is a canvas for the seasonal shades of brown that drape the
mountains in the distance. Although I prefer the landscape in the rainy season, I
remember my daughter’s advice to see this vista from an artist’s perspective. Nature
is delightful in all its forms if we are in the right frame of mind. Get out early and
enjoy the day with some movement, gratitude and relaxation.

Last week was a hectic week filled with appointments and deadlines. I am happiest
when my days have a steadiness and a sense of urgency (but not panic) because I
become totally focused on spending the hours on what I consider relevant activities
and important things. I am happy to say my week was free of anxiety and very
productive giving me the sense of integration and purpose I thrive on.

My guitar lesson yesterday was very rewarding. After weeks of practicing, I thought
I would surprise my teacher by playing a John Denver song I learned by myself which
contained only three of the basic chords I can play tolerably well. He applauded my
efforts and then, in a total plot twist, added two more chords that make the song
sound more magical. He instructed me to play repeatedly and scolded me (with humor)
whenI missed a chord or ignored the tempo.
When I felt my wrist was about to fall off, he did give me a few minutes to rest and
then we began again. I left my lesson feeling more confident about my ability to learn
things at my age and I am impressed with my teacher’s ability to tune in to each of his
student’s particular area of need (in my case: being distracted by things going on
around me). I returned home on a cloud feeling the trophy (callous) on my fingertips.
The plot twist was a welcome surprise ending which I enjoyed immensely.

I wish you all a wonderful Sunday and a terrific week, Marietta

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