Celebrating Centenarians!

Hogar de Ancianos Atenas

Dear Friends,

It’s a lovely and quiet morning as I begin my narrative today. In the distance I can
hear the song of only one bird as he makes his way across our property. It is a nice
change, a different pace altogether and I am savoring the tranquility. Please get out
and about early today so you can make the best of this gift of life you are enjoying.

About two years ago, a group of friends and I held a fundraiser for the Nursing Home
(Hogar de Ancianos) here in Atenas. Our goal was to repeat the event every year, but
each of us has had major life events happen that have made it impossible to achieve
this plan. I have recently become a member of the Board of Directors of this noble
institution so I do have an opportunity to be more closely involved. This is very
fulfilling for me as I approach my 60th birthday later this year and make plans for
what I believe my ‘old age’ will be like.

I am not the stereotype of 60 I held in my mind long ago! I still have plenty of goals
which I want to achieve; the difference is that now I don’t think of an imaginary future,
I realize that my present is what I need to work with for time passes quickly. Yesterday
I was present for a good part of a birthday celebration at the Hogar de Ancianos where
two of the residents turned 101 years old, a man and a woman! It was an amazing
festival that included marimba music, trios, storytellers, and lots and lots of dancing!
The most wonderful aspect was to witness the presence of dozens of young volunteers
who ‘adopted’ a senior citizen for the morning with whom they danced and chatted.


While I was enjoying the festivities, I was able to take in the incredible grounds this
home is situated on. I saw people cleaning the areas that will be used later today for
the Oxcart Drivers Association Auction to raise funds for their annual oxcart parade
in April. My brain did a bit of mental time travel and I recalled the first time I was
at the Hogar de Ancianos for an activity. It was probably 14 years ago and I was with
my young children and my parents – long before I ever suspected how intimately I
would be acquainted with what takes place ‘behind the scenes’ of any event! I hope
you can make it to the Hogar (after noon) today to raise funds and have fun. Maybe
I’ll see you there!

Have a great day and a terrific week, Marietta

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