Dear Friends,

As I begin my writing today, I can hear the wind outside and I see the trees swaying in
the distance. Our doors and windows are shut to prevent the knocking over of pictures
and the scattering around of papers and other objects from tabletops. Outside the
sun and azure sky manage to delight and remind me to be thankful for all the good
in my life, starting with my husband’s Sunday breakfast offering which nurtures
both my body and my soul. Get out early and make the best of this day!

The week has gone quickly (don’t they all!) and was filled with many activities. It is
encouraging to glance at my agenda and see how many items I was able to cross off
my list. One of my goals for January had been to paint my office and recycle the
many items that were making it highly disorganized and messy; counterproductive
to my objectives! After much procrastination, I finally enlisted the help of a friend
whose detachment from my ‘treasures’ was my ally and we were able to accomplish
in a few hours what I had been delaying for months.

My office is now brightly painted. It is ready for some new curtains. It has a different
layout and I am excited by the possibilities of becoming more productive as a result.
I am eager to get started and since the upcoming week will be a little less hectic, I
know that much of my time will be devoted to making the space work properly. It is
amazing what small changes can accomplish in terms of making us feel more positive
about our ability to become the best versions of ourself. I am glad I did not put it
off longer.

This past week, we welcomed some new friends from New York. It has been a superb
experience to see the country from the perspective of visitors who imagine they will
enjoy the adventure. I am looking forward to showing them some of the wonderful
aspects that make living in this beautiful, small, rural town such a delight for me. My
husband’s commitment to making a success of his hydroponic garden is high on my
list of examples to show off (and follow) as I continue to struggle to keep my African
Violets alive. I have learned (by watching him devote endless hours to watering his
crops) that I cannot ignore my plants and still expect them to bloom cheerfully!

Have a wonderful day, filled with good things and a terrific and productive week,

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