A Scrutinized Life


Dear Friends,

It is a quiet Sunday morning. For the first time in a couple of days we are able
to discern the Irazú volcano from our terrace. The ash from the eruptions of
the Turrialba volcano last week still shroud the surfaces of our home. The hazy
sky provides a delicate backdrop on which I can see the gentle movement of
the leaves on the trees in front of me. It is another day – a day for movement,
relaxation and rejuvenation. Get out early and enjoy it.

In the last six months or so, I have been deeply examining many aspects of my
life to determine where I am headed. Yesterday while I was having breakfast
at the lovely La Casita del Café in Estanquillos, I was overwhelmed by the beauty
of the view. I realized suddenly that I am in the midst of living a personal
happiness that has come to me without notice. I am profoundly grateful for all
that has happened in my life to bring me to this point, both the good and the
bad for both are opportunities for growth.

We have been entertaining guests for the last several days; they left early this
morning. Having guests is always a good opportunity to experience our life-
style from a different viewpoint. Since I am an unabashed promoter of the rural
lifestyle Atenas provides me, it is always pleasing when other people support
my belief that this is a unique and beautiful spot to spend our time in. I was
delighted with our guests’ overall enthusiasm with our small town and I know
that they will return to see more of the country in the near future.

The light by which I have been scrutinizing my life lately has been very bright.
I can see that the small changes I have been making in the ways in which I
spend my time and resources have been having a direct bearing on the feelings
of accomplishment I have. It is wonderful that my wishes and hopes are actually
coming to fruition and I am making the most of each day. I hope you are also.

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

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