The Special Ingredient That Is Love!

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Dear Friends,

It’s a gorgeous morning here in Atenas, with a slight chill in the air because it is still
very early. The winds have lost their momentum and the days ahead will probably
be very hot. It is my hope that you will already have been out and about by the time
you read this early greeting and are making the most of the rest of the day.

When our children were young, they knew they could count on me to make a nice
dinner every night and that there was always food in the house. They also grew up
knowing I was not the kind to fix breakfast or lunch or supervise every bite that went
into their bodies. I relied on their instincts and my own and I believe they have
developed a good relationship with food and the sociable affair I believe every meal
should be! We always ate dinner together and said a (non-religious) blessing thanking
the Earth and the Sun for the food on our table; we felt we were including farmers too!

Our children are all grown up now and learning to make their own food; discovering
all the different cuisines that make up the melting pot that is New York! Back here in
Atenas, I have settled into a different routine and I have come to rely on my husband’s
talents, love of cooking, and willingness to put in the time it takes to plan the menus
and prepare the meals. I enjoyed cooking when I was doing it, but I admit without any
hesitation that I enjoy having my meals prepared for me even more, especially when
they come with that special ingredient: love!

My husband has been feeling under the weather these past few days. This has meant
that my rusty culinary skills have been called upon to meet the requirements of
feeding the household, pets, plants, etc. that have fallen to him for the last couple of
years or so. Suffice it to say that we are all eating and this morning I actually made
myself the omelette with tomato and feta cheese that he usually prepares for me on
Sundays. Not quite the same!

One thing is clear: while no one is indispensable and everyone can be trained to do
another person’s duties, there is something intangible that can never be duplicated
when the product of a person’s expertise is permeated with generosity, care and an
ample amount of love. I have never taken my husband for granted but his (hopefully
short) ailment has made it even more obvious how special he is and how much he
contributes constantly to my well-being. May he get well soon!

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week and stay healthy,

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