Palm Sunday


Dear Friends,

Greetings on this renewal Sunday, Palm Sunday to those who observe the traditional
Christian moveable feast. Get out early and revel in Nature’s gifts. I will be heading
to San José early today and hope to observe many of the beautiful summer trees
whose blossoms are still in evidence.

Last week brought much disruption to my daily routines. I am (and have always been)
very easily distracted and work best when I record my priorities and follow a schedule.
Interruptions, even minor ones, can turn a productive morning into chunks of wasted
time, or at least it will seem wasted to me because I have trouble retracing my steps
and getting back on track. I usually start and finish doing the laundry each Monday.
Imagine my frustration when I realized that I still needed to fold clothing yesterday!

In an effort to get back on track, I went to my guitar lesson yesterday after having
missed two lessons and rarely picking up my beloved instrument in three weeks. My
fingers will need to redevelop the callouses I was so proud of for months but I am glad
that I have an instructor who is welcoming, understanding and entertaining! My goal
is to continue to improve my skills by practicing with more regularity. It is hard to
believe that a year has passed and that although I cannot play all the chords yet, I
can play more chords than I knew last year!

My ‘obsession’ with my personal efficiency sometimes encourages self-criticism, a
trait I strongly discourage in others. This negative self-talk drains my energy, depletes
my confidence and can make even my fondest hobbies seem unimportant in the face of
uncompleted, vital tasks. Fortunately, however, I was disciplined enough to stop this
negative self-talk by confronting the issues that made my week feel so irregular. Once
I traced back to the source and then consulted my agenda, I saw that (except for the
laundry!) I had done everything I had planned to do during the week. It just didn’t
follow the usual routine!

Have a wonderful day and a quiet and reflective week, Marietta

One thought on “Palm Sunday

  1. Thank you, Marietta! This is a good reminder to NOT indulge in negative self-talk. We must forgive our imperfect selves first. We are all flawed humans. And thanks for bringing up “Palm Sunday”. Revives happy memories of the Canarsie Dutch Reformed Church I attended as a child.

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