Sunday of Renewal

tulips_tulip_bedDear Friends,

Today is Easter Sunday and Passover is in its third day. Easter and Passover focus
on family and eating together. I have just finished a delicious breakfast prepared by
my husband whose magic in the kitchen continues to delight and surprise me.
Wherever this day finds you, I hope you make the best of it by getting out early and
celebrating the renewal and joy that is in the air, hopefully surrounded by loved ones.

As I write this, I can feel the breezes begin to pick up speed. I think we can all agree
that we are ready for a change in the weather to begin in Costa Rica. The extremely
long, windy and dry months have brought wildfires with them which have consumed
some of our acquaintances’ beautiful gardens in the last several days. I look forward
to the lush, green season ahead because it always fills me with gratitude at being
able to live in this beautiful, diminutive paradise. I know that our friends’ gardens
will recover quickly too.

With the approaching rains, I eagerly anticipate another opportunity to attempt my
own proper vegetable and flower garden and I have been collecting seeds for just that
purpose. A recent visit to Lankester Botanical Gardens in Cartago with my sister
reminded me of just how much I love to see flowers in bloom. I took dozens of pictures
of orchids in colors and sizes that I had never seen before in one place. I highly
recommend a visit to these gardens, it is a lovely way to spend a day and get tips on
how to grow orchids.


I like to take this time of rebirth to do a quick mental inventory of my progress in the
projects I have undertaken in the year. My general feeling is that I am heading in the
right direction, although a little slower than I anticipated. Since the year is still in
its early stages, I feel I can align myself quickly and still accomplish my goals for 2015.
My office is painted and mostly uncluttered. I have been able to find grateful homes
for some of the surplus items we no longer use. My life in my small town continues
to fill me with enthusiasm and energy, ingredients that provide the resilience I need
to persevere despite life’s daily challenges. I hope you the same is true for you.

Have a wonderful day and an excellent week, Marietta

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