Dear Friends,

I woke up this morning to the distinct chill in the air that lingers in my
parents’ Queens home. Spring is here and the tulips and daffodils are
appearing but on this particular morning in New York I cannot brag
about my breakfast because my husband’s culinary talents did not come
with me on this trip! I have had to make my own coffee (from Atenas,
of course!) in the last few days, and it has made me very aware of how
much I enjoy being pampered! Despite the chill, I will get out early to
make the best of the day and I encourage you to do likewise, wherever it
finds you.
I arrived here on Wednesday, after what seemed like a long (uneventful)
flight. I had a window seat which had been especially chosen for me and
when a fellow passenger asked if I was willing to change it so that he and
his wife could sit together, I didn’t hesitate with my answer: “No, sorry.”
I could tell he was surprised and very disappointed and I was happy for us
all when another passenger generously granted his request and became
my seat companion. Otherwise I would have been sitting next to an
unhappy stranger who had a reason to be upset with me!

The turbulence that day was what is normally expected but when we
were making our descent, the strong winds caught us by surprise and I
was relieved that our pilot was experienced and landed without any trouble.
While looking out the window, I saw the contrast between the tiny,
mountain-rich country I had just left and this bustling, flat-terrain industrial
city we were landing in. I couldn’t wait to clear customs and hug my
children whom I hadn’t seen in person in almost six months.

I spent a good part of my day yesterday with a few friends from high school.
The unofficial (small) reunion was an opportunity to turn back the clock
and reminisce yet it also provided a chance to share the reality of now. I am
impressed by how much vitality and life is still left in us and by how
quickly and easily we were able to re-establish a connection which we hope
to continue. Reunions that celebrate life, family and friendship are events
that should be engaged in as often as possible. We are fortunate to be living
in an age of social networks and Skype which enhance our lives when used

Have a wonderful Sunday and a terrific week, Marietta

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