A year of changes!

Dear Friends, Greetings on another renewal Sunday. Get out there and enjoy a morning connecting with the gifts of Nature as you gently and mindfully move your body and breathe in with deep gratitude. Do it early before the rains surprise you! I am sitting comfortably while I write this message, straining to hear the … Continue reading A year of changes!

Deep Inner Dialogue

Dear Friends, Greetings on this lovely Sunday. As I stood on my terrace earlier and gazed at the panoramic vista before me, I was filled with gratitude for Nature's bounty and my ability to experience it in our little town. Get out early today and surrender to your body's and mind's desire for rejuvenation and … Continue reading Deep Inner Dialogue


Dear Friends, It is another Sunday of making my own coffee! I have been invited to brunch later which I am looking forward to as it is one of my favorite New York activities. A proper brunch (in my opinion) is lighthearted and talk-compelling, a wonderful way to spend a few hours with family and … Continue reading Brunch!