Dear Friends,

It is another Sunday of making my own coffee! I have been invited to brunch
later which I am looking forward to as it is one of my favorite New York activities.
A proper brunch (in my opinion) is lighthearted and talk-compelling, a wonderful
way to spend a few hours with family and close friends, or to get to know new
people who might become friends. Not to mention the excitement of tasting a
wide variety of delectable foods, prepared with care and love!

More than a decade ago, I spent time with a woman whose daughter attended the
same school as our children. She told me matter-of-factly one day (as we were taking
a long drive to the beach with kids in tow) that she had all the friends she needed and
was not interested in adding any new people to her life. “Relationships take time and
effort”, she said, “something I am not willing to sacrifice at this point in my life.” I
didn’t think to ask where I was on her scale of “friends”.

At that point in my life, I was still getting reacquainted with much of my family and
the culture that I had left behind so many years before. I was wondering what effect our
moving to Costa Rica was having on our children. I was filled with a desire to befriend
as many people as I could. Her words felt like a cold glass of water had been thrown
in my face but I managed to keep driving without incident and keep my own counsel
when it came to this topic. We have since lost touch but I do wonder often how she is
and whether she has revised her thinking on the subject now that our children are older
and our lives are different as a consequence of it.

Last week, I wrote about reunions and many of you responded that the thoughts
I shared had prompted you to reach out and get back in touch with people who
were once an important part of your lives. I was very moved by this sharing as
I know that my weekly writing competes with the many other emails you receive
in a day! It is encouraging to me when my readers take time to give feedback.
Thank you for allowing my efforts to keep us connected echo with you, I appreciate
being a part of your life.

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

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