Wonder, the secret to youthfulness

Photo on 3-20-15 at 11.21 AM #2Dear Friends,

The strong rays of the sun bouncing off the mirror in our room compelled me out of
bed to close the blinds. Once at the window, though, the sublime landscape my eyes
rested on interrupted that action and triggered a desire to absorb as much of that
beauty as possible with my first deep breath of gratitude for the day. Get out early
before the rains make their appearance today, you won’t regret it!

I love the first days of rain each season. The spectacular way that Nature brings on
its kaleidoscope of color energizes me and makes it impossible to take a walk or a
drive without noticing my surroundings. After months of a palette of earthy tones,
the contrasting shades of greens, oranges and reds are a welcome change and there
is a tangible feeling of optimism in all I meet. Everyone is busy planting trees and
seeds to enjoy now and in the future.

Every once in a while it is important to sit quietly for a minute or two and reflect on
our lives. Last year, we made an important decision to hire someone to help clear
the clutter in our home so that I could devote my spare time to the new projects I had
decided I wanted to pursue. As I look around my home today, I know it was a very
good decision because so many of our no-longer-used items have found good homes
and I have been able to reacquaint myself with some of my favorite pastimes, like
reading and music.

Last week was a busy, but rewarding one for me. I was able to spend time with tiny
preschoolers who participated in a healthy/creative snack contest in their educational
center. I was also able to engage with college students who are visiting Costa Rica
from Tennessee, most for the first time. I never tire of being included in these events
because they are like looking at a recent snowfall covering a mountain, or the grass
emerging after a strong rain: a chance to see and experience life and Costa Rica with
wonder, as if for the first time. I believe wonder is the secret to staying youthful at
any age.

Have a wonderful day and a week filled with lovely landscapes, Marietta

landscape 1

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