Deep Inner Dialogue

landscape 1

Dear Friends,

Greetings on this lovely Sunday. As I stood on my terrace earlier and gazed at the
panoramic vista before me, I was filled with gratitude for Nature’s bounty and my
ability to experience it in our little town. Get out early today and surrender to your
body’s and mind’s desire for rejuvenation and relaxation, you won’t regret it!

We’ve been living in Atenas for more than 13 years. We have seen many changes in
the county and have experienced many personal ones as our roles changed from
being active parents on a daily basis to long-distance ones as a consequence of our
children heading off to college and into their lives’ new chapter. Rather than knowing
exactly what they were eating at each meal, I sometimes wonder if they eat at all!
I am comforted by the fact that they still provide each other comfort and support and
communicate regularly with us as well.

Every so often I am reminded of the weekends when my parents stayed with us in
Atenas. I can still see my son and my Dad playing on our small soccer field; it remains
nicely manicured but it is now quiet and empty. My memories of my Mom are vivid
and I recall with tenderness how she and our daughter walked the grounds, exploring
for treasure in the rocks they collected. The years have passed quickly and have left
countless, indelible impressions on me which I hope to record before I forget them.
I am thankful our children were able to enjoy the gift of time with their grandparents.

The last couple of weeks have introduced me to new people and activities which have
provoked some very deep inner dialogues. This is a new reaction for me, I am most
often guilty of external chatting rather than quiet thinking! I find this deep inner
dialogue refreshing and it is improving my focus, attention and awareness. I am not
sure where all this will lead me but I am discovering the benefits of quiet reflection.

Have a wonderful Sunday and a productive week, Marietta

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